Malachite vases

Porcelain Tableware

Designer: Axel Huynh
Malachite ring vase: 640.00€
Round malachite vase: 675.00€
Small tube: 605.00€
Medium tube: 740.00€
Large tube: 1.665.00€




The designer Axel Huynh has teamed up with Maison LEGLE to create his first porcelain Tableware collection.
Introducing porcelain plates, vases and various lifestyle objects reflecting a mineral spirit the designer aiming to break the classic codes of the porcelain of Limoges powerhouses, the designer injects a contemporary vision to mark his signature.
‘I wanted to create a creative tension between multiple influences and precious materials, between minerality and primary colours. A very contemporary, raw and minimal vision with subtle and audacious pieces, the assembly of the vibrant colours associated with the energy of minerals such as amethyst, malachite and onyx bring joy of living and serenity in the habitat modern’ evokes the designer who defines himself as «a creator of emotions».

About the Designer

Axel Huynh, former Jean-Paul Gaultier model & founder of creative event agency CrazyBaby! has an enviable history of excellence in design evidenced with his work as the art director for launches and unexpected events for some of the world’s most recognized luxury brands.
His first lifestyle collection includes furniture and lighting inspired by the minimalism of Bauhaus Architecture and using precious materials and mineral textures such as Alabaster, Shagreen, Onyx, Malachite & amethyst and mixing it with primary colours. A contemporary vision yet brutal unveils audacious pieces. Mixing vibrant colours with an energetic mineral touch gives a peaceful vibe to your home.
2018 is breakthrough year for the designer with his first parisian signature creating the decors of Hotel Particulier Mona Bismack, a parisian townhouse overviewing the Seine River & Eiffel Tower. Axel Huynh will also unveil his latest project, «Dôme Montparnasse», an iconic “Rive Gauche” Parisian restaurant where artists such as Brassaï, Picasso and Modigliani have made their home… An exceptional timeless setting for the most exquisite gastronomic & sensorial delights, revisited by Axel Huynh.”



Malaquite ring vase: 20 cm
Round malaquite vase: 26 cm
Small tube: 24 cm
Medium tube: 36 cm
Large tube: 56 cm


Limoges porcelain.
Simulation of malachite precious stone.



Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us for more information.


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